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Magazine Challenge #1: Woodland Collar

26 September 2014

Are any of you like me and read lots of crafts magazines, bookmarking and cutting out projects to try only for them to collect dust in a pile on your desk or languish in a folder never to be looked at again? As I currently have a bit of time on my hands (sitting at home on call for the builders trying to fix the water damage caused by the flat above, sigh…) I decided to take the bull by the horns and do it! To pick a project from my pile and just make it! So, with my birthday coming up this weekend, I chose a project I’ve bookmarked not once, but twice, in ‘Mollie Makes’ - a pretty woodland collar to wear to my birthday afternoon tea.

I decided to deviate a little from Samantha Stas’ red deer design in the magazine, firstly because I wanted to use up various scraps I already had at home - so e.g. I used wool instead of embroidery thread for the snowflake details, and lace instead of crochet trim for the edging, as well as different colours of felt - and secondly because I thought it would be a bit boring to just copy it exactly as is. 

Here are all the pieces cut out and ready to be sewn or glued together - can you tell I’ve not only varied the colours but also swapped the deer for a different animal? I’ll give you a clue: ‘Fuchs’ (my surname) is the German word for ‘fox’ ;)

Here’s an ‘in progress’ shot - one of the trickiest things was getting the right curve on the lace without it bunching up, as it was a little wider than the crochet trim in the original version. I found that carefully ironing it in to a curve with a little bit of steam did the trick. 

Ta da!! Here’s my finished collar. And yes, I of course had to substitute the deer for foxes - for that, I made the ears a little longer and pointier, and gave the facial fur a bit of a rugged edge. 

For comparison, here’s my version next to Samantha Stas’ original. Not bad for a magazine challenge, don’t you think? It took me about a day to make. The magazine suggest a morning, but that’s probably without having to jump up and let builders in and our of your flat every 15 minutes!

The woodland collar was featured in the new ‘Mollie Makes Christmas’ magazine edition, and I had recently also bookmarked it in one of the regular editions. You can order copies of the Christmas edition via ‘My Favourite Magazines' or digitally via the iTune stores, and you can find more of Samantha's projects on her blog.

Holding Hands

1 September 2014

Being a mum can be hard work. No, let me start again: Being a mum is hard work. But it has its rewards. Rewards that money can’t buy. I hold my son’s hand in all kinds of situations: crossing a busy road, in a bustling crowd, on a train platform, near a bonfire, balancing along a wall, when he’s scared, when he’s ill, when he’s been naughty…But the most beautiful moments of all are those, when he slips his little hand in to mine for no reason at all and whispers “Mummy, I like holding your hand!” Come to think of it, that is a reason. Perhaps, the best reason!

Happy Berlin-iversary & art from a vending machine!

23 August 2014

Earlier this week, I marked my three year Berlin-aversary by attending a relaunch at the Jewish Museum Berlin of the ‘Kunstautomat’ - a vending machine that dispenses unique limited art to visitors willing to part with a few Euros. What a great idea to introduce visitors to new artists!


You can find out all about it over on Museum Diary!

Wide eyed and full of wonderment

22 August 2014

Children’s capacity for wonderment at the world never ceases to cause me enjoyment. This morning, the bus that came to take us to nursery was brand new. To most undiscerning eyes it will have seemed a lot like the old buses, just a little rounder looking and more shiny. But not to a 3.5 year old. Whilst everyone else was staring disinterestedly out of the window - had they even noticed? - my boy proceeded to list every single thing about the bus that was new and different, each accompanied by excited exclamations of ‘look!’, ‘wow!’ or ‘amazing!’ - the seats, the handrails, the buttons, the door handles, the steps, the displays, and - best of all - the noises the doors made on opening and closing. “I love the new bus!”, he exclaimed. Never had a bus ride seemed more exciting, a simple morning commute more of an adventure. Once at nursery, he continued on his wave of exhilaration, telling each of his teachers over again about his phenomenal experience on the new bus that morning, eyes sparkling. They could not but smile. I hope his capacity to see the beauty in even the smallest things will remain with him for as long as possible.


Discovering Berlin: Military History Museum at Berlin-Gatow Airfield

20 August 2014

During Oma and Opa’s recent visit, we again took the opportunity of having a car at our disposal to visit the Military History Museum out at Berlin-Gatow. It’s been on my ‘must visit’ list for a while, but is a bit tricky to get to by public transport.


With a vast outdoor exhibition area, as well as two hangars and the converted former Tower to explore, it’s a plane lovers dream. There are aircraft and helicopters galore to see, as well as smaller accompanying exhibits, including lots of historic film footage. 

You can find a full review, alongside more photos, over on Museum Diary.